How to Choose a Printer For Your Bulk Label Needs

The problem is that label printers are often neglected. Consumers seldom give label printer quality much thought when making a purchase. Since the labels will be applied on discarded envelopes, there is no point in using them. What makes an adhesive high-quality? Can quality be said to exist in adhesives? The risk exists that you'll be stuck with a label printer that's not just inferior to what you were hoping for, but also a complete waste of money.

Equal research is required when selecting a label printer as when selecting a laser or inkjet printer. While the overall quality of a label printer may not be as important as its speed and connection, neither should be ignored.

Label printers that are both easy to use and sturdy in the long run are far more practical. Because of the frequent printing requirements, a fragile label printer on your desk is unnecessary.

Some companies make label printers available at very low prices. But with modern laser and color printers, such is not the case. But it doesn't mean you should automatically choose the cheapest option. A single failure of a label printer may effectively make it useless. You should go for a trusted name brand rather than a generic. Try to find manufacturers that focus in label printers specifically. You may choose the best label printer for your requirements by reading reviews posted on blogs and forums, as well as by comparing machines using a number of different criteria (price, quality, features, etc.) presented by a number of different online portals.

Label printers from Brother are among the best you can get for less than $40. Using a maximum resolution of 180 dpi, the Brother P-Touch PT-1280 Thermal can produce monochrome laminated labels up to 1/2" in width. In terms of mailing addresses, that's standard fare. An easy-to-read 15-character display with six formats and nine font styles is included with the device. One such handheld device is the Brother P-Touch 1010 Thermal, which has a resolution of 180 dpi and can be powered by six standard alkaline AAs. The RHINO PRO 1000 Industrial Label Printer from Dymo Corporation is suitable for a wide variety of labeling tasks, has a low price tag (just over $50), and is very adaptable. Use it to clearly identify your cables and wires, or your faceplates and punch blocks. This device makes it simple to label everything from audio/video equipment and warehouse storage devices to machines and garage shelving.

However, the O'Neil LP3 Thermal, which has a maximum resolution of 203 dpi in monochrome, is a top choice among desktop label printers for most purposes. This compact Serial LP3 printer works well for price tags and other applications in the retail sector. It has a high paper capacity, can be loaded in seconds, and can print twice as many labels as comparable printers. The Sato CL412e Thermal is another widely used label printer because to its high processing speed and huge on-board memory, making it suitable for printing a wide variety of labels. Approximately $780 is how much the O'Neil machine costs, whereas $1,570 is how much the Sato costs.

The Sato CL612e Thermal, with a resolution of 305 dpi, is one option in the above $2,000 price bracket, while the Intermec Easy Coder PX6i Network Thermal, with a resolution of 203 dpi, is another. Applications requiring fast output from fluctuating data such as compliance labeling would benefit greatly from this printer. For added convenience, Intermec's Readiness Indicator (IRI) light is now standard on their PX series printers, making them the first bar code label printers to include visual indications. The Zebra label printers that can be purchased for less than $500 are suitable for usage in a large household or a small office.

Selecting color printers for high-volume labeling is a challenging undertaking. Shopping for these items will require visits to many websites. If you need help deciding which label printers are right for you, a quick trip to might be time well spent. Almost every brand and kind of printer is represented. Thus, it is simple to look for, compare, and settle on the best printer.