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How to Download Mp3 from YouTube on PC – Music is one of the entertainments that many people like. Yes, there are various types of music ranging from Pop to dangdut music, all here. Well, for those of you music lovers, of course, streaming the latest video clips or listening to old songs is an activity that cannot be missed every day.

To listen to music, you can also use paid music services such as Spotify or there are also free music services such as YouTube. Through YouTube, we can listen to the latest songs, memorable songs and various other types of music from various world-renowned musicians. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the music via a laptop, PC or android smartphone.

Meanwhile, we also have to be connected to the internet to be able to play the music. And to stream videos, you have to need a lot of data quota, because streaming youtube will drain your internet data quota quickly. Especially if you want to stream the full song of one album.

Well guys, to overcome things like this and you also keep saving quota, many of us download video clips from YouTube to save more quota. Moreover, downloading songs on YouTube can be done without video, aka changing or converting the video into an audio file in Mp3 format. Well, for those of you who don’t know how to do it, you must ask, how do you do it? Well, here’s how to download Mp3 from YouTube on the latest PC at this time.

How to download Mp3 from YouTube on PC

  1. Download Mp3 from YouTube Without Application

The first way to download Mp3 from Youtube on a PC is without using an application or online. For this method we can apply it on a laptop or via an android smartphone. To download Mp3 from YouTube, we will indeed be offered with several sites that we can use and one of them is a site with the name YTMP3. And here’s how to download Mp3 from Youtube using this site:

  • Select the youtube video that we will download and convert it to MP3. The trick is to click the URL of the video.
  • Visit the site (Mp3 Juice)
  • Then paste the URL of the video that we copied earlier in the column provided.
  • Then press the Convert button .
  • After that, wait until the conversion process is complete.
  • options will appear And if the convert process has been completed, the Download, Dropbox, and Convert Next . Then click download to download the MP3 file.
  1. Download Mp3 from YouTube With Add-Ons

Another way to download Mp3 from Youtube is by using Add-Ons or extensions on the browser. Unfortunately for Chrome browser users, you must first switch to Mozilla or Opera. This is because chrome does not provide Add-Ons to download Youtube Mp3. After that add the easy Youtube Mp3 Extension in the Mozilla browser, while in the Opera browser please use the Simple Youtube Mp3 Button Extension.

  1. Download Mp3 from YouTube on Android

Furthermore, for those of you who use an Android smartphone, we can also download Mp3 from Youtube. The method is quite easy and also easy, because all you have to do is select or search for which song you want to download. In addition, you can also use several applications to download Mp3 from Youtube. But here we will use an application with the name Snaptube, and here is how:

The first step is that you have to download and install the Snaptube application first . Snaptube

After you have successfully installed the application, then you open the Snaptube application and follow the steps until you get to the main page.

If we have entered on the main page, please click or press the button in the search field at the top and type the song you want to download, then open the video.

When the video is open, press on the Download icon , then the available format options will appear, here you just have to choose the Mp3 or Mp4 format.

Then adjust it to the name of the Mp3 file and we can also change the storage directory of the song that we are going to download. If it is correct then press download to download it.

  1. Download Mp3 from YouTube on Laptop

And for those of you computer or laptop users, you can also download MP3s from Youtube using the help of an application called Ummy Video Downloader. To run this application, first make sure you already have the application and if not you can download the application on the Google Play Store application for free. Now to download Mp3 from YouTube using this application, here’s how: