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Now, enjoying music has become very easy and we can do it anytime, anywhere. Just play music in your favorite music streaming application and select the song you want to hear.

Without having to know the development of these technological advances, you can just enjoy the music you like and be free to choose.

However, did you know that every music we hear on streaming services is the role of a music aggregator?

If you are still unfamiliar with the term music aggregator, of course you don't know much about it.

What is a Music Aggregator?

Music aggregator is another term for Digital Music Distributor. Reporting from Musician Uninon, the aggregator's job is to provide services to collect music that will be used as digital content.

The music collection will become a music catalog and be given to available music streaming services.

The role of music aggregators is certainly very high, especially for musicians so that their music can be heard widely.

Seeing the understanding above, of course you think that music aggregators are the same as music distributors. But actually, the two things are different.

Music distributors only play a role in distributing music through various mediums, such as cassettes, CDs, to Vinyl Records.

In simple terms, music aggregators are a bridge for musicians who want to market and distribute their musical works to online music service providers (music platforms).

Is this business potential to run? No business is really promising, it all depends on the execution of the business people themselves. Good at seeing opportunities to taking risks.

Even though we can actually download songs very easily using mp3 download , so that business is like quite challenging.

As a digital music distribution company, of course, there is a lot of potential in the midst of the rapid development of the digital world today. You can also see this business potential from several music aggregator companies themselves.

List of Music Aggregator Companies

There are several music aggregator companies in Indonesia. From some of the companies below, we can learn how this business is promising or not. Come on, let's have a look:

  1. Gotong Royong Music

Gotong Royong Musik is a music aggregator that was established in Indonesia and has distributed the music of the nation's children to platforms, such as iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, and others.

Gotong Royong Musik intends to help independent musicians survive with their works and gain access to diversification as music consumed by the public.

Wants to provide an opportunity for independent musicians to get the same rights as major label musicians in every ear of Indonesian listeners.

  1. Musicblast

There is also Musicblast, which is the earliest digital music aggregator established in Indonesia.

Musicblast has provided self service in one website application. So that bands or musicians can release their own work in less than 5 minutes.

Musicblast will also help each work for monetization for every song circulating on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social media.

It also distributes music to platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Joox, Deezer, and so on. Just like other digital music distributor companies, there are several musicians who use Musicblast services.

One of the services provided by Musicblast, namely Musicblast Publishing, which provides services to collect royalties from artists who cover songs who are Musicblast clients.

Whether it's songs that are displayed on YouTube, Facebook, TV shows, to those that are played in hotels, cafes, and even restaurants.

Of course, the services from Musicblast are really needed by musicians so that they can live with their works.

The stigma of being a musician does not have a bright future, it can be dismissed by the presence of the music aggregator itself.

  1. IM: port

A music aggregator from Indonesia that has a good reputation is IM:Port, the vision and mission of this company, which is to help Indonesian musicians to be able to distribute their music and works to the global market.

IM: Port itself has been a bridge for musicians for a long time, this company was founded by Indra Lesmana, Anang Hermansyah, Triawan Munaf, and Abdee Negara. Important names in the Indonesian music industry.

IM: Port cooperates with Synergy Distribution and IODA to enable every non-major label Indonesian musician to channel their music to digital music platforms.

  1. Sell ​​music

The next music aggregator or Digital Music Distribution company is Jual Musik. Jual Musik has bridged many musicians so that their music is spread across various music platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and so on.

Jual Musik is also a music company that works on publishing and licensing independent (indie) digital music.

Having an office and operating in Tangerang, Banten Province, Jual Musik provides a tariff of Rp. 65,000, - (lifetime) for single albums in which the Copyright Youtube service is available for

  1. In Netril

One of the music aggregator companies available in Indonesia is Netrilis. However, Netrilis are more confident in calling themselves Digital Music Distributors.

Because not only distribute songs and music from musicians, Netrilis also distributes music and other visual works to various music platforms.

Not only that, Netrilis also serves the production of physical audio releases, such as CDs and cassettes, as well as distributing them as well. In fact, Netrilis is also developing to make its own music release products in the future.

  1. Tunecore

There is also an international music aggregator, namely Tunecore. For those of you who are musicians, of course you are no stranger to this one International Digital Music company.

Tunecore is also a Digital Music Distributor under a company called Believe Distribution Service which has offices in New York, United States.

One of Tunecore's clients is an artist with an international reputation. This is also what makes him highly respected internationally.