Early last June, me, @ferdiancuy and @uncle_yono had the opportunity to have breakfast together near Gedung Sate, Bandung. FYI, we are a senior @KancutKeblenger, a fellow blogger. Even though we are far apart in age (Me and Yono are still in their 20s, Uncle Ferdi in their 30s, huehehe #BukaKartu #MaapOm), our conversations are still very connected. We share various things, one of which is about buskers.

The name also eats at the sidewalk, yes, so buskers milling about like that. It’s just that the little buskers have just arrived, uh, there are more adult buskers. Just keep going. Starting from the one that sings awkwardly, it sounds pretty good, until it’s really good.

We can download songs that are currently trending and bring them while singing. To download, we can use tubidy, we can download songs for free.

Until Uncle Ferdi said, “I really don’t want to give money to a busker with a good voice.”

Yono and I were shocked. Oh, what’s wrong with Uncle Ferdi?

Logically, the better the voice of the buskers, the more we must appreciate it, by giving money. Hm … there must be a continuation of this conversation by Uncle Ferdi. Maybe it means, “I don’t want to give money to a busker who has a good voice… I mean, giving money is just a joke. I have to give 50 thousand at least!”

However, it turns out that Om’s reason is not that! And quite astonishing! *then a hurricane passes*

Si Om then continued, “You know what. Why don’t I want to give money to buskers who have good voices? Those who play musical instruments are cool? Yes, let them think, they can work in a more decent and more elegant place. What else in Bandung, right? There are already many cafes that employ talented street singers. I want them not to be street singers forever. I want to change their mindset and way of life. Yes, this way: don’t give them money! I want them to be more than just buskers! I want them I think that being a busker is not good, the money is small, so they have to change professions that are more appropriate, for example being a singer from one cafe to another.

Then… don’t you think, why are there more and more buskers mushrooming? But don’t you see, the quality of their music is really bad. If you sing, it’s lazy. Want to make money but don’t want to! Do you know how much money they can earn a month? Lots! Civil servants lost, huh. Now, if they enjoy making money that easy, yes they will forever be buskers. How does it look? In terms of material, okay they have. But they don’t have the heart to fight to improve their standard of living and higher social status by changing professions. Forever they will continue to be loved. Respect meeeen, how long are they going to pretend to be pitied?

It’s really stupid, for those who are lazy to sing, just stay there forever as a singer. For those with good voices, I hope they can become “someone”, more than just street singers!”

*applause for Uncle Ferdi*

It’s okay, Uncle Ferdi… It’s true what you’re talking about…

But I still appreciate buskers, rather than beggars. Whether the voice is bad or not, if I have spare change, I’ll give it to you. I think it’s charity…

It’s really weird, I see there are buskers everywhere, there are more and more. From small children aged 3 years, blind buskers, buskers who pretend to be lame, there are many. It’s annoying when there are buskers who force them to ask for money. Then if you don’t give it, you’ll scream for it. Or pinch. Then in Jakarta, there are a lot of buskers with Punk style but dirty and dirty who always sing with a sound like drunk people. It’s as if you want to scare people into giving you money. Najoooong!

Ngemeng-ngemeng, in the ’45 Constitution there is a verse that reads that the Government takes care of the marginalized. What is meant by nurturing is actually a lot of attention, like a parent taking care of their child. But sadly, the marginalized people here are like pets that have been bred but not nurtured. In fact, they are cared for by “Mami/Papinye,” who always picks up the (young) buskers in luxury cars. In the morning, they are escorted to a place where the buskers hang out. When it was night, he was picked up and invited to the shelter again.

Yes, that’s a bit of a story that maybe we can learn a lesson from. What’s the lesson like that? What do you want? Physics? Biology? Cullinary art? It’s up to you.

In your opinion, is it nice to give money to buskers who are like gamers?